Equine Photography - Wild & Gorgeous....Finding your Passion

June 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

There are so many things that can be said about choosing a life's passion...but when you do finally figure out what you love to do for work, then the pieces of your life's puzzle all start coming together and making sense. The passion is fulfilled. There is something about the JOY and the success of capturing a moment in time that can never be replaced again by anyone....but also captures the incredible beauty of God's creation, in the wild, on this earth.  Being in the presence of these incredibly statuesque and brilliantly gorgeous horses in the wild of Wyoming was breathtaking.  It is a moment that will live with me forever....watching this incredible stallion and his two beautiful mares.  They were family. Life took a moment of stand-still....and we breathed in what these three magnificent horses shared with us for that incredible moment in time.......



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