Life's Lessons: Beauty from the most annoying things.....

July 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

When simply walking around our Bozeman Montana neighborhood during the evening hours, as the sun was going down, it was quite amazing to take a moment and look at all that surrounded us, even the simple weeds.  As the sun shone with its golden rays, the beautiful light hit all that was around us.  When you actually stop and soak it in, you can see the beauty, colors and smell the aromas of all that surrounds you.  In our walking, I simply stopped for one moment and captured a foxtail weed with the golden light on it.  It took me but a few seconds to shoot this photo, but it has turned out to be a significant moment in time looking at the incredible beauty of God's creation in a simple weed. And a annoying one at that, for foxtails can be a dreadful thing - those darn things attach to everything as you pass them by.  And they get on to your animals fur, in their ears (which can be a HUGE problem) , etc.  But isn't it funny.....even with the foxtail weed's total annoying troublesome characteristics, it can also be incredibly beautiful.   

It's kinda like life.....there are many annoying troublesome problems in the world we face, especially right now....many annoying, negative and dreadful.....but are you looking for the beauty too?  Because it is still all around us.  All you need to do is stop for a moment and look for it.  Beauty in one of the most annoying of weeds.......kinda cool, huh?  May you take the time stop for a moment and seek out the beauty in your life, even as life's stresses and troubles may be impacting you, but look at all that surrounds you.....and may you seek out the incredible beauty of this world, and of the amazing people in it.....and I hope you can smile and enjoy! 



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