Meet Dee Dee Barbour....

Being a native Montanan, living out in the beautiful Mission Valley near Charlo Montana, I have the privilege of seeing the incredible beauty of my home state all around me. I am so blessed to be able to combine my two passions - horses and photography - and capturing amazing "Montana Moments". Photographing life's moments is something I love to do, and when those moments include horses, Montana folks, mountains, and our Big Sky, then the joy I feel overflows.


I have been a professional photographer since 1987, specializing in wedding, portrait and commercial photography. My career has taken me to many wonderful places, with the opportunity to meet some fabulous folks. I have now changed the focus of my photography work to capturing awesome moments of horses in nature, scenic mountain landscapes, and many other spectacular views here in Montana, and around the country. I so enjoy photographing several equine shows/competitions/events here in Montana. I also love capturing those precious moments in portraiture for people with their "horse babies" whom they love so much. I am very grateful to live in this amazing state of Montana that provides the most incredible nature and picturesque views! Because of all of this being in my "backyard", I feel so blessed to do what I do for work and to be able to share the gift of beautiful photography art to those that love our Big Sky country as much as I do.



I am married to my wonderful cowboy husband Steve and I am a proud mom of three grown sons, whom were my "Kodak kids" their entire lives. I am also blessed to have two beautiful and wonderful daughter-in-laws, Courtnay and April.....and will be adding a third beautiful, awesome daughter-in-law Sarah, this September 2024 when she marries my youngest son! (super excited!)  I have four of the cutest grand-puppies ever!  We have our loving and devoted golden retriever Sadie - she's my constant companion, our beloved border collie aussie mix  Lucey, and our rambunctious full-of-energy aussie, Gabby...they are awesome dogs! We also have three beautiful horses...Dreamer, Buddy & Tilly, and two little kittens, Sage & Goldie! They keep us busy and we love them all! 


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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like me to capture any "Montana Moments" for you!